Press Release

At this year’s AMB in Stuttgart, Taiwan Excellence will be presenting a selection of innovative and Taiwan Excellence Award-winning technologies from the Taiwanese smart machinery industry. You can download the current press release here.

Fact Sheets

Intelligent 5-axis machines with automation. The compact V5X is available in dry or wet cutting for small graphite or metal workpieces, respectively. The V5X Graphite features integrated dust extraction, while the V5X Metal offers efficient chip management.
The UV650 – a high-performance 5-axis vertical machining center from YCM. The UV650 combines advanced technology with high-precision simultaneous 5-axis machining. This not only shortens installation and overall lead time, but also effectively improves machining accuracy and quality.
The VL-400C-2R – an intelligent vertical lathe with two rams. The VL-400C-2R can save 30% of machining time and total machining cost. Not only is production efficiency greatly improved, but the project, which originally required two configurations, can be integrated into the VL-400C-2R. can be integrated into the VL-400C-2R to complete it. The VL-100CA – an aerospace vertical lathe. The VL-100CA aims to solve aerospace industry problems such as chip breakage, workpiece deformation and high blade wear, and maximize productivity. The VL-160C-2R – advanced vertical turning with two rams. Pull-wheel machining equipment offers diverse solutions for different machining needs, including intelligent solutions for stand-alone machines and production lines, as well as online measurement systems.

Speakerlist and Pictures

At the Taiwan Intelligent Manufacturing Press Conference @ AMB 2022, the companies of 3 different speakers will be represented. Get an overview and learn more about the speakers from AXILE, Honor and YCM.
Photos of the Taiwan Intelligent Manufacturing Press Conference can be downloaded here after the event.